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Anuhya Konda

Anuhya Konda


Houston, TX


  • Master of Landscape Architecture, University of Oklahoma
  • Bachelor of Architecture, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, India



  • Council of Architecture, India (CA/2017/85479)

Anuhya Konda is a recent graduate from the University of Oklahoma where she earned her Master’s in Landscape Architecture. Her interests are focused on sustainable design methods and tackling food insecurity in vulnerable communities. Before moving to the United States, she completed her Bachelor’s in Architecture from Andhra University, India. As the project architect, she worked with a few landscape architects and found her passion in designing outdoor spaces and chose to pursue a career in Landscape Architecture.

In August 2018, she started her graduate program at the University of Oklahoma in Landscape Architecture. Along with her education, she took part in various design competitions and published a few articles to convey her ideas verbally. As of now, she is a graduate assistant and her duties include guiding faculty and students along with maintaining the lab to ensure a safe and hazard-free environment in the workshop. Anuhya wants to use her design knowledge to bring a balance between built and natural environment and in developing community places to increase interaction between people and nature. Outside of work, she enjoys sketching, talking to her loved ones, cooking and exploring new places. Anuhya is a trained Yoga instructor and practices yoga during her free time.


Q & A

Where do you get your design inspiration from?
Nature and people are two entities that inspire me to design new spaces. Watching families enjoying/relaxing in different kinds of places drives my inspiration.

How do you have fun at work?
I check in with my colleagues or doodle. Sometimes, I draw dementors in my AutoCAD drawings (mostly parking sections).

If you had a superpower to make a bigger impact on communities/ cities/ or environments what superpower would you have?
I want to have the power to change the minds of people (for everyone’s advantage). Along with that, I want the power to have fully grown trees in a matter of minutes so I can go around the world casually to plant them.