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Meliza Resendiz

Meliza Resendiz

Marketing Coordinator

Houston, TX


  • Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design
  • Minor in Art History


Meliza is a graphic designer that enjoys breaking the rules, but first and foremost believes you should take time to learn them. Meliza strongly believes visual design is crucial to all societies. She continuously tries to tell stories and solve problems in the most effective manner. Houston, TX has been her playground since birth, and Meliza loves this city and the diversity it provides. She is excited to work in an environment that provides better spaces through the community.

Prior to joining Asakura Robinson, Meliza was involved with sharing clear and comprehensive information on efforts to safeguard Houston and its neighboring region from severe flood catastrophes. She can tell you a thing or two about the extensive network of watersheds throughout Houston. And she worked for Collaborate Architects in their marketing department – she’s a Jill of all trades!

As a child of immigrants, she learned from the best—in her humble opinion. She admires the perseverance and tenacity of fearless humans who choose to change their way of life in hopes for a better future. When she grows up, she wants to know that the work she did on this planet was with purpose.