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Niti Tataria, GRP, Associate ASLA

Niti Tataria, GRP, Associate ASLA


Houston, TX


  • Master of Landscape Architecture, Texas A&M University
  • Bachelor of Architecture, University of Mumbai, India



  • GRP - Green Roof Professional
  • Sustainable Urbanism Certificate, College of Architecture, Texas A&M University
  • Health Systems and Design Certificate, College of Architecture, Texas A&M University


  • Texas ASLA Merit Award for 'Custom Living Wall System' project

Niti is a Designer and an experienced architecture and landscape architecture professional with a growing passion for urban landscapes, placemaking, equity, active living, health care, and sustainability in planning and design. Her dream to make a positive impact on society steered her to enter the Landscape Architecture profession. Big ideas, her love for art, and commitment towards innovation encourage her to develop natural and built environments for people. Before joining Asakura Robinson, Niti completed her master’s degree in Landscape Architecture at Texas A&M University, College Station with certifications in Sustainable Urbanism and Health Care Design. She received the Best Final Study award for her project “Healing in the City” which is a blend of innovation and evidence-based design for rooftop gardens in two hospital towers. During her journey at Texas A&M, she has worked on built and unbuilt projects, completed two internships, engaged in social and academic organizations, helped in research work, and worked for the office of the University Architect. Before joining Texas A&M University, she earned her bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the University of Mumbai, India, and later worked for two years in the landscape architecture field. She has also practiced as a freelance architect in India.

In her free time, Niti likes to explore the city to enjoy new places. She is also interested in arts and craft, music, dance, hiking, cooking, and model making.



Where do you get your design inspiration from?
I get my design inspirations from places I travel, observing nature, inspirational work around the world, and diverse cultures.

How do you have fun at work?
Discussing and interacting with my colleagues about different cultures, food and festivals keep the fun going for me.

What project are you most proud of?
I am most proud of the “Custom Living Wall System” project. It was a multi-year interdisciplinary project to design, build, and evaluate the performance of a custom living wall system. Our aim was to design a living wall system that achieves an optimal microclimate for plants in Texas. Built from sheet metal by-products, the wall exemplifies how green infrastructure can support a circular economy and accommodate native vegetation.