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Yun Zou

Yun Zou


Austin, TX


  • Master of Landscape Architecture, Ball State University


Yun Zou is a designer with a unique approach that combines western and oriental concepts in her design principles. Her particular interest lies in the interaction between people and the environment. She is especially interested in how her design approach an evoke people’s emotion and memories for historical sites. A recent graduate of Landscape Architecture at Ball State University, Yun joins our Austin design studio with previous internships at Asakura Robinson’s Houston design studio along with additional experience at comprehensive design firms in Long Beach, California, and Beijing, China as Landscape Architect and Architect.


Q & A

If you could work on a project anywhere in the world where would it be?
Serengeti National Park, Africa. To design the harmony between the human beings and the wild.

How do you have fun at work?
Collaboration, because the communication and the debates inspire and extend my knowledge and understanding.

If you had a superpower to make a bigger impact on communities/ cities/ or environments what superpower would you have?
Time travel, so that I could see famous buildings, architecture styles, and landscape vanishing in history.