Asakura Robinson Completes Report on New Orleans Coastal Resilience

August 22, 2018   /   Project News

The Gulf and the coastal system surrounding New Orleans is essential to the safety, security, and prosperity of the City and greater region. From seafood, to shipping and tourism, to protection from storm surge, the coastal system is a key component of the economy of Greater New Orleans. Yet, the health of the coast has become increasingly vulnerable to threats such as sea level rise, severe storms, invasive species, and other consequences of human activity and climate change.

The Convening on Coastal Policy and Priorities brought together top thought leaders in the space of coastal action, adaptation, and resilience for a discussion on how the City of New Orleans can take an active role in making coastal Louisiana a more physically, economically, and socially resilient system. Working with the City of New Orleans, the National Wildlife Federation, the Tulane University ByWater Institute, and the Tulane Institute on Water Resources Law and Policy, Asakura Robinson helped design and facilitate the Convening and documented valuable insight shared during the day.

Following the event, Asakura Robinson developed a summary of recommendations for the City based on this shared input that focus on strategies to address broad issues facing Louisiana’s coastal communities, jurisdictions, ecosystem, and economy. The recommendations are organized into three key themes that cut across the topic areas discussed at the event, in order to highlight key areas of agreement and urgency identified by the participants.

These themes are:

  1. Coordinate with Regional Partners and Across City Departments
  2. Communicate the Rationale for Immediate and Sustained Action
  3. Promote Equitable Solutions that Enable Our City and Region to Thrive.

The document will help to inform relevant City departments, as well as the incoming City administration and Councilmembers, about areas where the City can effectively engage in coastal action, and could serve as the foundation for the City’s coastal policy during the upcoming years. As the City celebrates its 300th anniversary, the Coastal Convening document serves as a reminder that the next 300 years of the city and coast will be shaped by the decisions made today. Now is the time for robust action on the part of the City of New Orleans to ensure coastal Louisiana remains a healthy and thriving landscape for generations to come.

Read the final report here.

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