We integrate social, cultural, physical, ecological, and environmental context into a holistic approach to planning and design.


Planning at Asakura Robinson is founded in active listening. Our team of planners builds authentic engagement and trust with community members, stakeholders, and clients to preserve and enhance a community's existing assets, while paving the way for new opportunities. We help our clients achieve common core values of equity, sustainability, and long-term resilience. Our goal is never to create a plan that sits on a shelf. Through our engagement work, data-driven analysis, and strategic thinking, we ensure that the planning process generates the capacity and buy-in needed for implementation.

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Urban Design

Urban Design at Asakura Robinson is a practice of creating enriching public shared spaces for communities. We provide aspirational projects rooted in pragmatism to clients; from master planning to plazas and open space to streetscape design, we combine innovative, engagement-driven design methods with a studied application of best practices to create environments that are safe, comfortable, and welcoming to persons of all ages, abilities, identities, and circumstances. As a spatial and social practice, we seek out connections between private and public spaces and embrace the intrinsic messiness of cities and strive to create places with the flexibility and adaptability to reflect the diversity of the many people who use our public spaces.

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Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture at Asakura Robinson connects people to their natural world. We work closely with individuals, neighborhoods, and communities to create lasting solutions to the barriers they face in urban life. Whether it’s designing spaces that provide needed ecosystem services, creating environments that strengthen communities, or creating micro-habitats to rebuild native populations we bring a motivation to improve social disparities. We constantly strive to bring innovative ideas to the table, work to meet client visions, and improve our process after every project. Our dedication has led to long-lasting clients and the transformation of communities one project at a time.

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