We believe in the potential of designs and plans to bring forth equitable processes and outcomes. This means taking account of past and present injustices and ensuring that our work tips the scale towards equitable and just outcomes, and often means providing the tools and resources to those who have been systematically marginalized.

Equity at Asakura Robinson

Our comprehensive approach to enhancing environments is guided by our commitment to equity, diversity and creativity. At Asakura Robinson, we believe that all groups—regardless of race, class, gender, or any other dimensions of identity or ability—deserve access to resources and opportunities necessary to improve the quality of their lives, and that these resources and opportunities should exist in the communities where they live, work and play. We are committed to thoughtful and thorough community-driven plans, designs, and implementation because we understand the lasting impact our work has on the communities we serve.

Asakura Robinson Equity Committee

Formed in April of 2019, the committee has been spearheading efforts to ensure equity and accountability in three areas: our internal administrative processes, our practice, and our interaction with the communities we call home. The Committee and its Working Groups have facilitated internal discussions on equitable and inclusive practices around hiring, retention, pay, and benefits; worked to refine our equity-driven practices around inclusive design, community engagement, and an explicit equity framing for our work.


As part of our commitment to the communities we call home, Asakura Robinson partners with community organizations and residents to provide technical assistance on a pro-bono basis. Learn more here.



Asakura Robinson’s Equity in Planning Blog Post Series highlights key issues and challenges that affect our field of practice and the communities we serve. We use this blog series to offer best practice solutions and key take-a-ways for equitable responses to these issues and challenges. View the series here.

Asakura Robinson works at the many dimensions of equity in design and planning. Below are some projects that highlight how we incorporate equity considerations into our work.

Equity Focused Projects