Who We Are

Asakura Robinson is a planning, urban design, and landscape architecture firm which strengthens environments and empowers communities through innovation, engagement, stewardship, and an integrated design and planning process.

Our approach is guided by our commitment to interaction, diversity and innovation. We value the ability of the public to participate in our projects, creating places that encourage social interaction, and our staff’s deep engagement in our communities. We value our diverse workplace and communities and seek to optimize existing community-based and ecological resources. Finally, we value creativity in our processes, materials, technology, collaborations, approach, and design palette.

Mission-Driven Philosophy

Dynamic urban experiences, environmental stewardship, healthy and equitable outcomes for communities.


We promote inclusive design processes and community engagement to empower underserved communities, expand equitable access to urban resources, celebrate social diversity and instill health, safety and welfare everywhere that we work.


We envision dynamic urban places with accessible transportation infrastructure and engaging, multi-functional, environmentally sound, public gathering spaces that celebrate the unique culture, heritage, shared stories and creativity of the surrounding community.


We steward ecologically responsible resource management, resilient natural systems, and regenerative landscape maintenance practices through thoughtful, research-based planning and design for a more meaningful connection between people and nature.

Our award-winning brochure highlights our values, our leadership and our signature landscape architecture, planning and urban design projects. Please follow the link to learn more and reach out to amanda@asakurarobinson.com for any additional information on our studios!

Meet Our Team



Austin, TX

1224 East 12th Street, Suite 310
Austin, Texas 78702
(512) 351-9601
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Bastrop, TX

(512) 351-9601
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Houston, TX

2500 Summer Street, Suite 3228
Houston, Texas 77007
(713) 337-5830
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