The Neighbors Program

The Neighbors Program is at the forefront of Asakura Robinson’s effort to close the gap in access to good design and planning. As designers and planners, we believe that we have a responsibility to use our expertise to help support and be better neighbors to community efforts.

As designers and planners, we believe that we have a responsibility to use our expertise to help support and be better neighbors to community efforts.

We believe that by partnering with community-based organizations, community members and other non-profits, Asakura Robinson can provide technical assistance needed to build community capacity and work towards achieving project implementation. The Neighbors Program first launched in the early 2000s to help community groups activate pre-existing, but stalled community plans. The program expanded to design work for small parks, urban farms, and neighborhood spaces that were working to meet community needs. We have developed dozens of projects under this framework, and are excited to expand our offerings for community partnerships moving forward.

The projects that we partner on through the neighbors program are largely pro-bono efforts. In the case of larger projects, or those with direct costs like project supplies or printing, we do require a sliding scale of matching contribution from our community partner or a fiscal sponsor. We are currently taking on three scales of projects:

  • 1-3 Large Projects a year with budgets up to $25,000
  • 1-5 Medium Projects with budgets up to $5,000
  • 1-6 Small Projects with budgets up to $2,000

Urban Planning

Our Urban Planning Studio is pleased to offer services in projects that involve neighborhood plans, implementation plans, stakeholder and community workshops, capacity building workshops, small area market analysis, communications strategies, and other similar topics.

Urban Design

Our Urban Design Studio is excited to offer services for projects that involve placemaking and placekeeping, small scale pedestrian or mobility services, small to medium streetscape concept design, community mapping exercises, safe walk to school route assessments and advocacy, and strategies for COVID 19 Recovery.

Landscape Architecture

Our Landscape Architecture Studio is pleased to offer services for projects that involve community parks concept design, site plan concept design, construction for small projects, community garden and park related amenities, school demonstration projects, healthcare/elderly/children facilities or gardens, and other similar projects.

How to Apply

It is important to us that all of our Neighbors Program partnerships are serving a community need. We will ask that you fill out a short application that explains the goals of your project, describes  a bit about your community, and demonstrates that there is a community support or buy-in for the work being proposed. Depending upon the scale of the project you are proposing, we will also ask that you commit to a matching donation or attach a letter from a fiscal partner who is willing to offer some financial support for the work. We ask for a matching contribution for larger or more complicated projects to ensure that there is a shared sense of accountability and responsibility between the community team and the Asakura Robinson team. 

The funding also allows us to provide more services to communities than would otherwise be possible. In addition to enhancing the amount of time we can devote, it helps cover overhead costs such as printing, food and drinks for workshops, and any other costs involved in preparing the implementation strategy.

We’re currently accepting applications and will follow up within two weeks of submission for an initial discussion.

Applications may be submitted electronically through the form on our website, or by email to Hugo Colón at You will be contacted for follow up within two weeks of your submission.

We are happy to discuss details of the Neighbors Program further with interested applicants to help determine the feasibility of the projects prior to applying. For any questions, please reach out to Hugo Colón at 

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