We know our most valuable asset is our people. That’s why we put people first—in everything we do. Happy, healthy individuals contribute to positive, high-performance teams. Your personal success is our collective success.

Career Opportunities

Thank you for your inquiry about employment opportunities at Asakura Robinson. See available positions below.

Landscape Designer with a focus on community-based and public-facing projects for our Houston office. Learn more here and apply by June 17.

Senior Landscape Designer with strong design acumen and a collaborative spirit for our Houston office. Learn more here and apply by June 17.

Studio Culture

We strive to uphold a studio culture in which all staff feel empowered, engaged, challenged, supported, and at the forefront of their professions. Our culture is collaborative and interdisciplinary, with a flexible studio-based teams where individuals work closely with senior staff and with numerous opportunities to collaborate across studios for dynamic projects.


As a minority owned business with an explicit goal of working with historically underserved communities, Asakura Robinson is committed to nurturing professionals of all backgrounds—race, class, gender expression and identity, sexual orientation, national origin, and educational attainment , to name a few—and sees hiring as an opportunity to build on not only our technical skills, but also local knowledge, experience, cultural competency and relationships in a way that furthers the team’s understanding of the communities with which we work.

Health & Wellness

We value well-being and understand the importance of wellness outside of medical necessity. In addition to a traditional health benefits package, we offer a Wellness Allowance for non-medical activities that promote emotional and physical fitness and time outside. You can enjoy gym memberships, yoga, sketching classes, or even wellness retreats with the support of AR.

Professional Development

We believe in expanding opportunities for our staff to explore and participate in various continuing education and professional enrichment activities. We offer a Professional Development allowance to put towards certifications, conferences, workshops, training, and networking to thrive.

Summer Internships

We offer annual internship opportunities for creative and multitalented individuals seeking rich learning experiences in our landscape architecture and planning practices as well as our urban ecology studio. The window for this year is closed, but the 2023 summer internship window will open January 2023.