COVID-19 Update: External Safety Policy

May 26, 2020   /   Studio News

Asakura Robinson has implemented the following measures to protect the health and safety of our staff during the COVID-19 epidemic. During this time, we strive to continue the same great service we always provide to our clients; this includes implementing simple guidelines so we can focus on serving you. This policy will be revised each month to reflect changing conditions and posted on the Asakura Robinson website.

  1. Company Out-of-Town Travel – Employees will not be traveling or making work-related travel arrangements at this time. Travel is defined by any out-of-city or out-of-state travel requiring flight or bus and/or requiring an overnight stay. This applies to all locations and all projects.
  2. Site Visits
    • When possible, all construction administration should be supported remotely and virtually. This is already happening on many of our projects and many CMs, Contractors, and Consultants have already made the transition, which is proving to be effective. This could include, but not be limited to:
      – Conference calls or virtual meetings in lieu of site meetings
      – Virtual walk-throughs
      – Video/Photo reviews
    • When site visits are required, and since the Contractor or CM has the sole responsibility for maintaining site safety and the safety of individuals working on and around the site,a copy of the site safety plan with regard to COVID-19 will be required from the Contractor and the Client for review by ARC leadership to ensure that the proper protocols are in place and that our teams will be protected.
    • The site safety plan should follow the OSHA Guidance for Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19 as outlined in OSHA 3990-03 2020 or the equivalent. All site safety plans should provide for provision of proper protection required by said plan for any of our employees going to site, such as gloves, masks, eye protection, hand sanitizer, etc., as well as the enforcement of physical distancing standards while on site.
    • ARC leadership (Principals and/or Project Managers) along with the individual project team members shall review the submitted site safety plan. If faults or deficiencies are found in the site safety plan(s) submitted, or one does not exist, ARC will notify the necessary parties and deny any site visit until actions are taken to provide the proper assurances and protocols.
    • Each ARC team member will employ their individual professional judgment and common sense and will be certain to take into consideration their own personal circumstances. Only after review of protocols and confidence by both leadership and the pertinent ARC staff that the visit will be safe will ARC agree to conduct a site visit.
    • If for any reason an individual team member of our firm does not feel comfortable, regardless of the comprehensiveness of the site safety plan, no one will be pressured to make a site visit until their level of confidence has returned. ARC staff will notify ARC leadership immediately so we can communicate the concern or arrange for alternatives to meet our contractual obligations.
  3. In-person Indoor Meetings – ARC employees will not be attending indoor, in-person meetings at this time, and no meetings with external visitors will be hosted in our offices. We strongly encourage our clients to extend a virtual meeting option, and we are also happy to assist in setting up virtual meeting options as needed. Outdoor meeting requests will follow the site visit policy above.
  4. In-person Events – Asakura Robinson will not be organizing or attending any in-person client, public, or private events at this time, except meetings of the types mentioned above.
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