Livable Center Study Examines Redevelopment, Connectivity in East Aldine

January 12, 2021   /   Project News

We’re continuing our work in North Houston by kicking off the East Aldine Livable Center Study!

Asakura Robinson is working with the East Aldine Management District and the Houston-Galveston Area Council on a Livable Center Study in East Aldine, a community in North Houston with a rich Hispanic and Latino culture and history. We are excited to be teaming with TEI, Inc. and Tecolotl for this project, long-standing partners in our Houston-based Livable Centers work. The study aims to build on existing community strengths to enhance the public realm, identify community-focused development opportunities, and improve ecological function and community connectedness. 

Asakura Robinson has worked on 12 other Livable Center studies in the Houston area and beyond. These neighborhood-scale plans consider the unique context of communities and bring together diverse stakeholders with an eye towards implementation. We are excited to bring this experience to the active and engaged community of East Aldine, and to craft a plan that addresses pressing community needs while envisioning a more connected, healthy and thriving future.

Based on initial research and conversations, key points for this project include:

  • Improving mobility options and public infrastructure that promotes healthy living and multimodal mobility.
  • Including community members in development and building strong commercial corridors that serve a diverse mix of households.
  • Creating a whole and healthy community, physically and culturally, with sensitivity to unique community context.
  • Understanding and working with external forces such as flooding and industry, creating harmony between residential, commercial, and industrial uses.
  • Ensuring affordable and fair housing so that existing residents enjoy and benefit from new growth and development.
  • Engaging the community to ensure implementation and build capacity of community members and leaders to implement the plan.
Image courtesy of East Aldine Management District
Image courtesy of Michael Stravato for Places Journal 
Image courtesy of East Aldine Management District

The project’s scope includes a review of existing conditions, development of a conceptual plan, and a set of recommendations focusing on the 3 P’s: Policies, Programs and Projects. A robust bilingual community engagement plan spanning the project’s duration will include walking tours, mapping exercises and a team of resident ambassadors. Our engagement plan will include a variety of online opportunities in light of the continued COVID-19 pandemic.

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