Greenprinting: Mapping Nature-Based Solutions

February 19, 2024   /   Press / Awards

We’re thrilled to share that several of our projects have been showcased on The Nature Conservancy’s esteemed Greenprint Resource Hub!

The Nature Conservancy defines a greenprint as “a plan or tool that reveals the range of benefits provided by natural infrastructure in community planning. The collaborative process brings together people and science early in the planning stage to identify the economic and social benefits of nature-based solutions.”

Greenprints are some of our favorite examples of transdisciplinary collaboration, bringing together the talents and skills of our integrated planning and landscape architecture practices to strengthen environments and empower communities.

Let’s delve into a few standout projects featured on the website:

Pasadena Healthy Parks Plan

Our involvement in the Pasadena Healthy Parks Plan showcases our dedication to equity and environmental health. Green spaces are essential for community well-being, and we engaged the residents extensively to ensure their voices were heard in our planning process. Alongside the City of Pasadena, Houston Parks Board, and Land & Water Connections Consulting, we analyzed data and considered factors like land ownership and urban heat vulnerability to identify priority areas for park investment. A key focus was integrating shade features in high-heat areas to address the needs of vulnerable populations.

Our plan equips the Parks and Recreation Department with tools to make informed decisions and adapt to community needs. Through collaboration and inclusive design, we aim to improve quality of life in Pasadena for the long term. The plan demonstrates how thoughtful planning can create spaces that promote health, equity, and resilience. We invite communities to join us in envisioning a future where vibrant green spaces are accessible to all, enriching lives and fostering collective well-being.

View full report here

A Greener Gulfton for Improved Health, Climate Resilience, and Biodiversity

Our multidisciplinary team at Asakura Robinson, comprising both planning and landscape experts, collaborated seamlessly on the Greener Gulfton initiative, ensuring a holistic approach to address the neighborhood’s diverse needs. Focused on the culturally rich Gulfton neighborhood in Houston, our team embarked on a journey to integrate nature, equity, health, and climate resilience. The team prioritized equity, health, and climate resilience through inclusive planning. By engaging residents directly, we tailored resilience strategies to Gulfton’s unique context, focusing on greenification and public placemaking. Our community ambassador program ensured local voices guided the project, fostering ownership and inclusivity.

We provided materials in multiple languages and offered interpretation services to facilitate participation from all residents. Through initiatives like the “Placita” pilot, we transformed public spaces to mitigate environmental impacts and foster community cohesion. The Greener Gulfton initiative illustrated the power of collaborative, community-led efforts in creating lasting positive change in underserved neighborhoods.

View full report here

Healthy Park Plan for Travis, Bastrop, and Caldwell Counties

Our involvement in the Healthy Park Plan for Travis, Bastrop, and Caldwell Counties exemplifies our commitment to creating inclusive and sustainable green spaces across diverse communities. Collaborating with partners like St. David’s Foundation, Trust for Public Land and TBG Partners, we undertook a comprehensive planning effort integrating scientific analysis with community engagement. By employing a multidisciplinary approach, our team considered over 60 variables to identify priority areas for park investments, ensuring our recommendations were data-driven and responsive to community needs. The development of Healthy Parks Design Guidelines, informed by research on the built environment and health outcomes, further enhanced our efforts. Transdisciplinary collaboration between our planning and landscape teams ensured a holistic approach to address the diverse needs of the region. Our tools, such as the Decision-Support Tool, empowered stakeholders with customizable analysis layers, fostering transparency and inclusivity in decision-making. The impact of the Healthy Park Plan extends beyond planning, with over $3 million in near-term investments catalyzed in parks infrastructure and programming.

View full report here

Land, Water, Sky, and Natural Infrastructure Plan

This plan is a comprehensive strategy that outlines critical natural systems in the Hill Country and proposes greater investment to support their preservation and enhancement as the region grows. Developed through extensive collaboration with diverse stakeholders, including community members and decision-makers, this plan serves as a commitment to safeguarding the ecological health of the region while accommodating future growth.

Asakura Robinson played a pivotal role in community engagement and report development for the plan. Our expertise in fostering meaningful community involvement led to the creation of engaging materials and extensive outreach efforts, including focus groups and virtual open houses. Additionally, our team assisted with report development, creating informative graphics to convey complex information about natural infrastructure effectively. These visuals helped stakeholders understand the plan’s scope and impact, ensuring diverse perspectives were considered throughout the planning process.

View full report here

These projects exemplify our commitment to creating sustainable, equitable, and resilient communities. We invite you to explore the full stories on The Nature Conservancy’s Greenprint Resource Hub and discover how our work is shaping the future of urban environments.

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