Austin Bergstrom International Airport IT Building

April 2022   Austin, TX


  • Austin-Bergstrom Interational Airport


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Asakura Robinson provided landscape design for this facility which is located on the airport’s campus, adjacent to the main terminal building.

Key Points

Sustainable Design

This building is working toward its LEED BD+C: New Construction v4 - LEED v4-certification.

High Security Facility Design

Site security is built into the landscape with strategic locations of impact-resistant planters and benches. Vehicular and pedestrian barriers take the form of planter walls, fences atop low walls and 8' tall non-scalable fences.

The expansion of the Austin-Bergrstrom International Airport IT Building addresses the crucial need for growth and improved dependability of the airport’s essential technology infrastructure, vital for safe and efficient airplane operations. This initiative enhances security measures to ensure uninterrupted functionality and minimize risks to AUS operations. Moreover, it offers a top-notch facility for the AUS IT team, aiding in the attraction and retention of highly skilled professionals. The newly constructed facility expands the existing building’s area from 10,000 SF to over 40,000 SF, effectively accommodating current requirements and expected growth for the next two decades or more.

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