Brush Square

September 2023   Austin, TX


  • City of Austin


  • CNG Engineering
  • Jose I. Guerra
  • Project Cost Resources
  • MuseWork
  • Altura Solutions



  • 2024 Lone Star Legacy Park, Texas Recreation and Park Society
Key Points

After a multi-year process and the completion of the vision plan, Asakura Robinson worked with the City to implement Phase 1 of the revitalization of a historic downtown park.


AR worked with the City to implement a comprehensive plan to breathe new life into the space. This included landscaping, infrastructure upgrades, and programming aimed at enhancing its functionality and appeal to the community.


Its unique character was preserved while accommodating modern needs such as providing spaces for relaxation, events, and transit accessibility, ensuring it remains a vibrant part of the city.

Asakura Robinson completed the vision plan for Brush Square, one of Austin’s original downtown squares,  amidst renewed interest in revitalizing it as the city’s residential population surged. Adopted by the City of Austin on March 28, 2019, this plan prioritized safety enhancements and future developments focused on history, culture, and park infrastructure improvements. Guided by community feedback, the plan aimed to celebrate the square’s historic significance, improve the park experience, enhance connectivity, engage visitors, ensure pedestrian quality, and promote urban ecology.

Phase 1 of implementation breathes life into the square, preserving its historical essence while embracing modernity. The sprawling lawn, once a parking lot, beckons with promise, offering space for events and relaxation. Stone retaining walls gracefully navigate the park’s terrain, crowned with bespoke caps, while central pathways guide visitors through its verdant expanse.

The project emphasizes preservation, retaining existing heritage oak trees and introducing colorful plantings for year-round interest. Adjacent to the Convention Center and a new transit stop, Brush Square is poised to become a bustling hub for visitors and commuters alike.

Asakura Robinson’s steadfast commitment to Brush Square ensures its legacy as a vital community space for generations to come. A testament to resilience and collaboration, Brush Square epitomizes Austin’s spirit—a place where history and progress converge in harmony.

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