Butterfly Pocket Park

May 2020   Houston, TX


  • Greater Northside Management District




  • On-the-Ground Projects Under $500K, Houston-Galveston Area Council Parks and Natural Areas
Key Points

Through dedication and support from various groups, the Butterfly Pocket Park stands as a source of pride for residents, providing a serene outdoor amenity and vital support for local pollinators.


The project's community driven process exemplifies the large impact that groups can have when they work diligently towards a shared vision.


This effort transformed an abandoned site into a beautiful sanctuary for both humans and butterflies.

Butterfly Pocket Park is a powerful a testament to collaborative efforts aimed at community transformation. Initiated in 2015 by artist Rosalinda Toro and various community organizations, the vision for this park emerged from an overgrown vacant lot owned by the City of Houston. Through a series of meetings facilitated by the Greater Northside Management District and Avenue CDC, plans were set in motion. In 2019, Avenue CDC secured a “Visit My Neighborhood” grant from Houston Arts Alliance to realize the park’s transformation.

The project encompasses landscaping, including Mexican sycamore trees donated by Trees For Houston, and art installations featuring a stunning butterfly sculpture, caterpillar mosaic replica, and educational pedestal illustrating the monarch butterfly life cycle. Through collaborative endeavors, Butterfly Pocket Park has evolved into a space that residents can take pride in.

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