Cynthia Ann Parker Elementary School

January 2019   Houston, TX


  • Houston Independent School District


  • Brave
Key Points

Asakura Robinson played a pivotal role in shaping the school as a vibrant, community-oriented space that seamlessly integrates music education with the environment.


By integrating outdoor spaces for music, art, and play, the project offers hands-on learning experiences that engage students directly with their surroundings, fostering curiosity, creativity, and exploration.


Sustainability is integral to the project's design ethos, evidenced by the preservation of existing trees, use of native plants, and adherence to LEED certification standards, demonstrating a commitment to environmental responsibility and resource conservation.

Music education takes center stage with a grand entry plaza designed for performances and outdoor art displays. Existing street trees were carefully preserved, honoring the established neighborhood and seamlessly integrating the school with the adjacent city park, creating a sprawling “school within the park” feel. A dedicated SPARK Park reinforces this concept, providing space for play and social interaction. More than just a school building, Cynthia Ann Parker Elementary School has become a community hub. The music-themed plaza fosters engagement and showcases student talent, while dedicated art spaces allow for creative expression. Sustainability played a pivotal role in the design. Existing trees were carefully preserved, and native or adapted plant species were chosen, creating a hardy and low-maintenance landscape. This focus on sustainability extended to seeking LEED certification and minimizing the use of invasive species, synthetic chemicals, and water consumption. Compliance with Houston city regulations was crucial, and the design met all standards regarding street trees, parking lot trees, and screening shrubs.

Lynn Wyatt Square for the Performing Arts Renovation   Houston, TX