Houston & Washington Avenue Streetscape

May 2019   Houston, TX


  • Old Sixth Ward Redevelopment Authority
Key Points

The Houston and Washington Avenue Streetscape Improvement project revives the pedestrian experience on two thriving corridors in Houston.

Holistic Solutions

The public realm improvements for Houston and Washington Avenue reach beyond aethetics, addressing the comfort and safety of the community as well.


The project seeks to enliven the area through art and amenities for both pedestrians and bicyclists.

Through a unique partnership with the Old Sixth Ward Redevelopment Authority, Asakura Robinson’s urban planning and design studio developed a pattern book for the corridor that identified public realm improvements that aim to create a unified visual language with furnishings and street treatments that encourage pedestrian comfort and safety and promote vibrant social and business life along the street. Using the Pattern Book as a guide, Asakura Robinson’s landscape design studio was engaged to develop a series of public realm enhancements along Houston and Washington Avenues that revive the pedestrian experience with attractive elements that provide safety, comfort, and serve as an inviting and distinguishable gateway into the district. The designs incorporate site furnishings such as street trees, branded bike racks, pedestrian lighting, benches, bike repair stations and entry signage. The designs also include spaces for artistically paved crosswalks and sculptures that promote a lively creative atmosphere and add character to the area.

Mercer Arboretum October 2017   Houston, TX