Kelly Village Community Park

July 2015   Houston, TX


  • Houston Housing Authority


  • BRAVE / Architecture (prime)

Enhancing open spaces and expanding opportunities that allow residents at one of Houston’s earliest housing communities to eat, play, garden, and gather together.

Key Points

The Kelly Village Park design includes playful natural elements, improved safety, a community garden and orchard, and flexible use space.

Community Health

The project added exercise and play equipment, a paved path, and plenty of open space for flexible use. A community garden and orchard also provide healthy food access for residents.

Nature Play

Playful and natural elements encourage children in the area to interact with the equipment and engage in invention and creativity. The park highlighted the existing natural elements and preserved the trees that were already on site.


The park addressed safety issues from residents and added lights along the path and amenities. The park improves visual transparency in the area, replacing apartment buildings that had been damaged by Hurricane Ike.

Asakura Robinson, in collaboration with BRAVE/Architecture, designed a park for the Kelly Village Community to increase access to open space and opportunities for exercise, connection to nature, and access to healthy foods. The park features flexible open space that can be used for soccer or for events, exercise and play equipment, a paved path, a large gazebo, and two shade structures.

The park design incorporates elements for a healthy, active community, including a community garden and fruit tree orchard to enhance access to healthy foods; play equipment with nature play that allow children to participate in discovery and invention; and other recreational elements like a barbecue pit and a chess table that entice residents to come out and play.

Southern Downtown Public Realm June 2014   Houston, TX