Landa Park and Arboretum

August 2017   New Braunfels, TX


  • City of New Braunfels, Parks and Recreation Department


  • Altura Solutions, L.P.
  • McCann Adams Studio
Key Points

An interdisciplinary effort between the Landscape, Planning, and Urban Ecology studios improved circulation and increased awareness of historical and ecological amenities.

Engaging Storytelling

Awareness of the springs, historic structures, and endangered species were integrated through sensitive design interventions and programming.


The park's access and circulation was strained within and around the park. Safety, multi-modal use, and signage were improved through the recommendations.


Asakura Robinson provided collaborative problem solving through the Urban Ecology, Landscape Architecture, and Planning Studios.

A community visioning process resulting in the first master plan for one of Texas’ oldest and most beloved city parks. Landa Park was being loved to death, and the ecologically sensitive park would benefit from preservation while becoming higher functioning.

The Landa Park and Arboretum Master plan comes at a critical time, as the park grappled with years of land use decisions which have both greatly facilitated public use while also leading to ongoing degradation of the park’s landscape. Over time, the prioritization of the automobile decreased facilities for pedestrians and damaged the natural landscape.

The core effort of the planning process was to reassert the importance of protecting and enhancing the natural landscape, historic assets, and design of the site. Key recommendations were organized into Circulation, Landscape & Ecology, Program Spaces, and Amenities. Drainage, maintenance, new programming, and site furnishing are some examples of recommendations covered in the Master Plan.

View the final plan here.

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