Hill County Natural Infrastructure Plan

February 2023   Dripping Springs, TX


  • Texas Hill Country Conservation Network


  • Land and Water Connections Consulting
  • Geo5 Designs

Key Personnel

The Land, Water, Sky, and Natural Infrastructure Plan of the Hill Country defines the most critical natural infrastructure systems in the Hill Country and lays out a vision for greater investment to support those systems as the region grows.

Through extensive collaboration with a diverse range of stakeholders, including community members, experts, and decision-makers, the Land, Water, Sky, and Natural Infrastructure Plan lays out a vision for preserving and enhancing the natural systems that define the Hill Country. Asakura Robinson played a key role in the development of thoughtful strategies to engage community members across 18 counties. We facilitated a range of interactive platforms, including bilingual focus groups, virtual open houses, and committee meetings, to ensure diverse perspectives were heard throughout the planning process. The team also utilized a hybrid approach to offer in-person and virtual activities to bolster feedback. The online community survey provided feedback from 2800+ respondants that helped inform the mapping process and identify priorities for action. Our team also assisted with the development of the planning report, creating informative graphics that effectively conveyed complex information about natural infrastructure. These visuals illustrated key aspects of the plan, including engagement processes and mapping techniques, allowing stakeholders to grasp the project’s scope and impact at a glance.

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Natural Infrastructure Conservation

Protecting and enhancing natural infrastructure requires holistic thinking about the connections between the human, environmental, social, and economic health.


Engagement efforts aimed to uplift the voices of thousands of Texans to support equitable access to the benefits of natural infrastructure systems.

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