Outpatient Green Roof

October 2019   Houston, TX


  • Houston Methodist Hospital
Key Points

Asakura Robinson designed a 2,000 sf green roof on the 21st floor of Houston Methodist Hospital as part of a study to bring nature and tranquility to patients receiving outpatient chemotherapy treatments.

Health Research

The green roof was designed carefully in conjunction with the hospital’s pain management study to provide maximum impact for patient’s participating in the experience.

Green Roof Technology

Utilizing a green roof tray system in the design, plants were established prior to arriving on site, reducing plant stress and improving the immediate impact on the view from patient rooms.

Community Health

The green roof serves to improve the mental health of hospital staff & patients, help reduce Urban Heat Island effects, and provide habitat for native fauna.

The garden was designed pro bono in collaboration with local muralist Gonzo247. The team chose a plant palette containing colorful flowers and a wide variety of plants, to have a maximum impact on the individuals whose rooms overlook it. Designed to help calm down and relax patients, the garden is an escape from their current worries. Asakura Robinson was honored to provide our services for the opportunity to partner with researchers as well as the hospital, to continue developing and collecting data on the positive benefits nature can have on ones health and psychology.


The study involves patients separated into three different study groups – a control group in rooms with no view, a virtual reality room where VR goggles take them traveling through different nature scenes, and a room with a view of the green roof. The goal of the study is to not just look for psychological improvements but physical ones as well. Patients are having their pain levels, blood pressure, heart rate and saliva cortisol, a hormone the body produces when stressed, tested at the beginning and end of each visit. Learn more about the study here.

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