Plaza at Enclave

October 2008   Houston, TX


  • CORE Real Estate, LLC


  • Powers Brown Architecture

A lush courtyard and elegant entryway that enhances the overall aesthetic of the office building, which leads you on a professional journey via fountains and sculptures.

Key Points

Plantings, water features, and materials create harmony between the indoor and outdoor spaces of the Plaza at Enclave.

Planting Plan

The planting selection of native species ensured a season to season change in growth and smells.

Water Feature

A calm reflection pool helps soften the building’s exterior, which is clad in precast concrete panels and glazing.

Material Coordination

Material coordination between indoor and outdoor elements contributes to the illusion of continuity between the reflecting pool and the walkway.

Keiji Asakura took inspiration from the Cullen Sculpture Garden to create a lush courtyard which leads you on a processional journey via fountains and sculptures to enter Core Real Estate’s Plaza at Enclave. An outdoor space that is geometrically opposite to the building’s interior provides interest to the courtyard design.

The glass-enclosed walkway between the Class A, 5-story office building and the parking garage appears to float on water as the exterior reflection pool borders both sides of the corridor producing a contiguous visual effect. Material coordination to create indoor/outdoor relationships was particularly important for developing an illusion of continuity.

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