Presidio Condominiums

October 2017   Austin, TX
Key Points

Asakura Robinson created a sustainable, low maintenance landscape design that generates a sense of place and community.


The eco-concious landscape fosters community with native plants and innovative features.

Identity-Infused Spaces

Crafted communal areas reflect character, from entry to open spaces.

Water-Wise Innovation

Efficient irrigation and rainwater harvesting promotied sustainability and water conservation principles.

Our engagement encompassed the complete design of communal spaces, including an amenity center boasting a pool and fire pit seating, an entry area featuring a towering masonry wall, meticulously crafted mews and open spaces, diverse foundation plantings, and three distinct model homes. Collaborating with a civil engineer, we orchestrated lighting design and addressed stormwater filtration, drainage, and detention.

Taking an urban ecology perspective, Asakura Robinson embraced an all-native plants approach, reducing water consumption and nurturing pollinator habitats. Salvaged limestones on-site were repurposed, becoming distinctive features in shared spaces. Large Agave and limestone blocks strategically positioned at the entrance echo the Hill Country imagery.

A pivotal aspect of our design involved a water-saving irrigation strategy and a rainwater harvesting system, showcasing our commitment to innovative, landscape architecture solutions.

Austin FC Stadium Sustainable Design   Austin, TX