St. Anthony Green Streets

New Orleans, LA
Key Points

Stormwater Management

Both Filmore and Gatto have bioswales and large stormwater tanks underneath them.


Gatto was designed as a natural space to encourage contemplation and to mitigate the impacts of the urban heat island effect. Filmore was designed as an active park, it includes a track, a play area, and a half basketball court.


Filmore and Gatto were both designed keeping in mind climate mitigation strategies, both parks have ample trees and native plantings in order to create shade and manage stormwater.

St. Anthony is a street nested in the Gentilly neighborhood, a suburban neighborhood built out of post world war New Orleans. It is a predominantly African American neighborhood with the Latinx population growing. The area is an economically diverse suburban neighborhood with a mix of single family residential and apartments. Two parks, Gatto and Filmore, are being designed in order to meet provide spaces of contemplation as well as resilience for residents.

Asakura Robinson has been involved with engagement looking at precedent images and collages in order to understand what community members would like to see in the two parks. This feedback informed the design of the spaces and required a bit of compromise to ensure multiple groups felt safe and comfortable using the spaces.

Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency Organizational Assessment and Implementation January 2020 Buffalo, NY