Village of River Oaks

January 2017   Houston, TX


  • Brookdale Senior Living


  • House+Partners (prime)
Key Points

A landscape plan for a senior living facility that connects older adults to the outdoors.

Memory Care

The landscape elements were designed to integrate with memory care for older adults with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. The enclosed garden and courtyards provided a structured setting with simple elements to provide serenity and safety for residents.

Sensory Stimulation

Outdoor areas were designed to connect residents of the Villages of River Oaks to nature. Water elements filter out urban noise, while plants were chosen for their pleasing smell, creating an alluring sensory outdoor experience.

Universal Design

To accommodate people of all abilities, the gardens were designed to be barrier free, and paths were made with low-impact materials that were easy to walk on, and handrails were installed where appropriate.

The Village of River Oaks is a luxury senior living facility located on S. Shephard, next to River Oaks neighborhood and Buffalo Bayou Park. Asakura Robinson developed a landscape plan for the facility that enhances the aesthetics of the site to encourage socialization and interaction; provide a source of color, fragrance, wildlife habitat, and texture; provide evolving scenery and a sense of seasons for the residents to enjoy; and contribute to the neighborhood landscape. A significant design effort was made to illuminate the trees and pedestrian areas for safety and visual appeal.

St. Louis Land Bank Assessment February 2017   St. Louis, MO