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Allison Shen

Allison Shen

Landscape Designer

Houston, TX


  • Master of Landscape Architecture, Texas A&M University
  • Bachelor of Social and Regional Development, National Taipei University of Education


Allison Shen became a landscape designer dedicated to creating healthy and sustainable environments where people can thrive. With a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from Texas A&M University, she firmly believes in the transformative power of landscape architecture to enhance people’s daily lives, protect the environment, and mitigate disasters.
After completing an enriching internship at Asakura Robinson, Allison is excited to return to the company and contribute to diverse and meaningful projects. Her designs are rooted in a sustainable and evidence-based approach, aiming to make a positive impact.

Allison’s aspirations extend beyond her current role. She hopes to participate in global projects, with a particular focus on improving the landscape of her hometown, Taiwan. Her dedication to creating positive change is complemented by her love for travel, which allows her to gain broader perspectives and learn from different cultures. During her downtime, she finds solace and relaxation in the company of her beloved cats.