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Kieran Renfrow

Kieran Renfrow

Landscape Designer

Houston, TX


  • Bachelor of Architecture, University of Houston



  • Merit Award, "HOMECOMING," AIA Fort Worth Design Awards
  • Merit Award, "HOMECOMING" Houston Design Awards
  • International Contemporary Furniture Fair Emerging Designer, "Substrate"

Kieran is a designer in our Houston office with a profound appreciation for the transformative power of design on both individual experience and societal dynamics. He is motivated by a deep-seated passion for environmental stewardship, native landscapes, and the profound impact of design at various scales.

With a diverse background that spans regions across Texas, including DFW, Austin, and Houston, Kieran explored a breadth of disciplines, from traditional architecture to landscape architecture, delving into areas such as vernacular design, sustainability, cultural preservation, and fabrication. His academic achievements culminated in an Honors Thesis that synthesized his familial heritage and Indigenous practices from regional Oklahoma tribes, integrating anthropology, product design, landscape architecture, and art into a cohesive methodology of tectonics.

Looking ahead, Kieran aspires to expand his expertise by pursuing further education in Landscape Architecture at UC Berkeley. With a vision to advance trans-disciplinary approaches within the architectural realm, he seeks to contribute to innovative practices in the AR studio.

Where do you get you design inspiration from?
Nature, existing matrix systems found throughout my surroundings. I think a lot of my inspiration comes from vernacular design/technology too – particularly from BIPOC communities. There’s so much history, knowledge, and complexity in their cultures that has yet to be brought to the table in design!

What’s your creative tool of choice?
Rhino – it allows me to think and see 2D, 3D, and helps to synthesize my ideas in my head into an actual design that can be created in reality. It also helps me refine the complex ideas I have into concepts/designs that are more simplified and digestible. I also really enjoy old school building by hand and actually learning as I go, I’ve found much more insight and knowledge learned from projects I physically build by myself or with a team and its always more immersive and fun overall.

What project are you most proud of?
My junior year project, Substrate. My partner and I fabricated everything by hand, created the concept and did all the drawings, film/documentation, and additional final touches in less than 6 weeks. It also was one of the first projects that was transdisciplinary for me, being architectural, product design, and interior architectural. The model was full scale and was very challenging but rewarding to make, and the concept was one that really reflected both of our personal interests in terms of what we wish to bring to the design field and focus on for our careers!