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Lauren Doiron

Lauren Doiron

Administrative Operations Specialist

Houston, TX



  • CBI Postpartum Doula
  • CBD Holistic Birth Doula

Familiar with Asakura Robinson in a removed fashion since the beginning (Lauren is Hayley’s daughter), Lauren is excited to now be a part of the team! After being in the birth field for the past seven years, Lauren is looking forward to learning accounting skills (including Ajera) while beginning to grasp facets of the landscape architecture industry. Her previous experience includes banking, varied customer service roles, and team supervision. She has always enjoyed caring for the needs of her clients and is a dynamic nurturer. Lauren has been a business owner for the past seven years providing childbirth education, lactation support, specialized infant care, labor coaching (attending over 100 births), new parent support groups, and much more. She formed a successful doula collective in California which provides subsidized care and resources to the community and helps new families establish long-lasting connections with each other and alternative providers. Lauren is passionate about supporting her community and believes we function at our highest when in relationship with each other. She loves working in a group towards a better future! Lauren is originally from England, was raised in Texas, and just spent six years in California with her husband, Patrick, eight-year-old son, Finley, and teenage stepson, Bastian. She enjoys cooking, visiting family in England, thrift shopping, tea, board games, and building Legos with Finley.


Q & A

What’s your creative tool of choice?
Journaling and doodling to help open my mind

If you could work on a project anywhere in the world where would it be?

If you had a superpower to make a bigger impact on communities/ cities/ or environments what superpower would you have?
Being able to cut through red tape like butter! I wish it was easier to access school curriculums because I think it is really important to teach children at an early age how to care for their community and skills like permaculture, rain water catchment, and growing your own food.