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Madison Main

Madison Main

Research Coordinator | Landscape Implementation Coordinator

Houston, TX


  • Bachelor of Science, Landscape Architecture, University of California-Davis


With a passion for OneHealth and the systemic environmental conditions that shape our lives, Madison found the perfect intersection between the human, environmental, and ecological spheres in landscape architecture. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Madison has lived in Stockholm, Sweden, Toronto, Canada, and San Jose, California, before moving to Houston. Growing up abroad fostered within Madison a broad diversity of interests. Prior to joining Asakura Robinson, Madison completed her Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture at the University of California – Davis. After working with native California fishes, interning in the campus urban planning department, and researching how to implement Nature Rx into everyday life from incorporating livestock in the stewardship of urban landscapes to designing therapeutic gardens at health centers, Madison is dedicated to a holistic approach to wellbeing.

During the pandemic, Madison worked in public outreach and engagement to develop and publish a guide to enhancing campus public spaces to best foster community whilst supporting social distancing and healthy habits. This project cultivated a love of community-led and evidence-based design in Madison. When not in the studio, Madison enjoys horseback riding, pestering her pet rabbits, and adventure traveling. Madison is excited to return to her southern roots and explore the unique and diverse landscape of Houston.