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Michael Hernandez

Michael Hernandez


Houston, TX


  • Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, Minor in Urban Planning, Texas A&M Univeristy


Michael Hernandez is a Designer in our Houston office. His passion for landscape architecture began at a prestigious Houston-based design-build firm. It was here that he cultivated a profound understanding of design intricacies and construction nuances. His journey instilled in him a profound reverence for responsible and sustainable design methodologies, seamlessly integrated into the construction process, yielding enduring outcomes that age with grace. As Lead Designer and Project Manager, Michael spearheaded projects, ensuring that design visions translated flawlessly into reality. This involved meticulous budgeting, exceeding client expectations, and overseeing every aspect of construction meticulously.

With a degree in Landscape Architecture and experience in design-build projects, Michael is eager to contribute to Asakura Robinson’s mission-driven approach. He hopes to broaden his skills by working on a variety of projects while also making a positive impact on neglected open spaces and communities.


Where do you get your design inspiration from?
I draw inspiration from all my surroundings. I often like to take walks through different areas in the city to see how things were built, how they are performing, and how they can be improved.

What project are you most proud of?
I am most proud of a 3-acre community park that I was able to renovate as a general contractor. I enjoyed working through different design challenges in the field, including modifying trailways and other hardscape elements to protect existing mature trees. The most rewarding part of this was seeing the end product being used by the community: kids playing ball, people using the dog park, and others exercising along the trails.