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Mollie Hinderaker

Mollie Hinderaker


Austin, TX


  • Master of Community and Regional Planning, University of Texas


Mollie is inspired by collaborative and interdisciplinary design processes that focus on centering and uplifting communities. She has experience in local government planning in northern Minnesota and most recently in researching strategies for Texas public agencies to utilize emerging technologies in the transportation space. She hopes to broaden the scope of her expertise through her work at Asakura Robinson and to look at systems more holistically, through a lens of equity and justice.

Originally from Minneapolis, Mollie became a Texas transplant when she started the Master’s in Community and Regional Planning program at UT Austin. She moved to Austin to gain a more nuanced understanding of the planning profession and to seek out new perspectives. Her capstone work focused on exploring reparative planning theories for highway revisioning efforts across the US and in Austin. Mollie is excited to continue learning about and engaging with communities in Texas and beyond.