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Pat Chang (2006-2017)

Pat Chang (2006-2017)


Houston, TX


  • Bachelor of Science, Landscape Architecture, Oklahoma State University


Pat Chang joined our office in 2006 until his sudden and unanticipated death in 2017. He helped lay the foundation of our practice and we miss him very much.

Pat was born in Sandakan in Borneo in Malaysia. His family settled there after fleeing China in 1949. Pat always had his vision in the vast natural landscape of northern Borneo and the South China Sea. A young adventurer, Pat left home and went to live with his aunt in Alberta, Canada to finish high school, and to later graduate from Oklahoma State University with a degree in landscape architecture.

Keiji and Pat had worked together for nearly 20 years when Pat relocated from Dallas. Pat was eager to apply his knowledge, and continue to provide innovate design and documentation processes. Pat continued his quest in innovation and worked hard to bring his vision and ideas after he rejoined Keiji.

Pat was intense in his focus, but always took the time to work with others. He made himself available to explain things well, and to guide others to better outcomes, always with a smile. That’s how we remember him.