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Yiming Chu, PLA

Yiming Chu, PLA

Landscape Architect

Austin, TX


  • Master in Landscape Architecture, Louisiana State University
  • Bachelor Degree in Landscape Architecture, Nanjing Forestery University



  • Professional Landscape Architect, TX (#3591)

Yiming is a passionate landscape architect specializing in public spaces and multi-family design. His drive lies in enhancing community life and elevating user experiences by seamlessly blending functionality with design aesthetics. Holding a master’s degree in landscape architecture from Louisiana State University, Yiming’s education also instilled a strong inclination toward sustainable design. One of Yiming’s featured projects was Leander Old Town Park, where his innovative approach transformed a historic area into a vibrant and functional public space.

Yiming’s commitment reaches beyond his professional endeavors. He finds joy in sketching, using art to expand his creative horizons and inspire his design work. Outside of the studio, he’s an active badminton player, embracing the competitive spirit and staying active.



Where do you get your design inspiration from?
I draw my design inspiration from outstanding landscape projects around the world, the beauty of nature, client input and cultural influences.

If you could work on a project anywhere in the world where would it be?
I would love to work on a project on any sites along highway CA-1 with a grand view of the sea.

What project are you most proud of?
I am most proud of my work at the Leander Old Town Park – this was my first project to assist in leading the landscape design efforts.