Asakura Robinson participates in Austin Design Week

November 29, 2017   /   Office Culture, Speaking Engagements/Conferences

Asakura Robinson was excited to be a part of the the second annual Austin Design Week, where we led a workshop entitled “Improving Your Urban Experience: Tactical Urbanism Immersive”. This year’s theme, Finding Place, was especially exciting, and our team was thrilled to bring Tactical Urbanism to designers of all types during the workshop. The workshop invited attendees to learn about how they can improve their neighborhoods, travel routes, and parks through Tactical Urbanism, using everyday tools and small, diy improvements to spark change in their urban experience.

The workshop, led by planners Meghan Skornia and Eric Leshinsky, and facilitated by Taylor McNeil, Wei Xiao, and Kelsey Ross, was immersive, taking participants from learning about Tactical Urbanism and developing initial concepts, through hands-on testing, to working with the team to identify areas for projects in their own neighborhoods. Takeaways include both hands-on experience and ways to use new knowledge to improve participants’ urban experience and Austin’s public realm. It was very exciting for the team to see designers of all types discuss problems and ways to solve them in the public realm.

In addition to knowledge and experimentation, participants received a copy of Asakura Robinson’s Tactical Urbanism Manual, to help support their continued action to improve their urban environments.

Special thanks to the organizers of Austin Design Week for including us and the staff at Handsome for allowing us to use their office for the workshop

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