Kicking Off the Downtown Gateways Vision Plan in Corpus Christi

May 27, 2020   /   Project News

We are excited to announce the commencement of the Downtown Gateways Vision Plan with the City of Corpus Christi!

Asakura Robinson is working with the City and other stakeholders to develop a vision plan for former and current highway infrastructure, key entryways, and the surrounding public areas in Downtown Corpus Christi. A variety of projects in the area are changing the public realm, most notably the new Harbor Bridge project and associated changes to Interstate 37. Our work will engage stakeholders and the public to take advantage of this key opportunity in Downtown’s evolution, push forth implementation efforts from existing plans, and creatively improve the public experience for those living in and visiting Downtown Corpus Christi. Input will be guided by the project’s Technical Working Group and Stakeholder Advisory Committee, in addition to online engagement and public meetings. 

The project’s goals, which are a work in progress as ideas develop and engagement continues, include:

  • Develop sustainable and attractive entry points to Downtown Corpus Christi that accomplishes the collective vision of the City of Corpus Christi and its stakeholders.
  • Accommodate multiple modes of transportation, support better traffic management, appeal to visitors, business, and investors, and be safe for all users.
  • Incorporate public realm design to beautify, provide shade for pedestrians and potential future transit riders, and help manage stormwater runoff.
  • Provide increased physical connections to surrounding neighborhoods and commercial districts.
  • Guide future public and private development and lay the foundation for a strong local economy anchored by new development and redevelopment.

Our scope of work for this project includes three phases – Understand, Envision, and Act; and includes an extensive engagement approach that has been adjusted to include a variety of online initiatives in the wake of Covid-19 procedures. We are excited that this project will cover all of our core disciplines, engaging planners, urban designers, and landscape architects in the process.

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