Complete Streets Policy Evaluation Tool Development

December 2023   Washington D.C


  • Smart Growth America
Key Points

The project creates a publicly accessible version of the Complete Streets Policy Evaluation tool, ensuring compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.


This project seeks to improve documentation and data analysis in a way that is easily accessible for a range of users.


The tool provides effective guidance to mitigate user error and facilitate adoption.

This enhanced tool is intended for use by advocates, policymakers, and various stakeholders. Its primary objectives include improving the effectiveness of the documentation processes regarding policy drafting and adoption, reporting and mapping Complete Streets policies, and providing dynamic data visualization.
The tool offers a systematic assessment process with user-friendly guidance. Users can access comparisons with both state and national averages, scores for each category, and overall scores.
The project encompasses tasks related to user experience design, data visualization, and the development of backend capabilities for efficient data organization and storage. The implementation involves utilizing Java and PHP, seamlessly integrated into the existing WordPress website.

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