East Aldine Livable Centers Plan

July 2021   Houston, TX


  • Houston-Galveston Area Council
  • East Aldine Management District


  • Traffic Engineers, Inc.
  • Tecolotl



  • 2022 Best Practice - Silver, American Association of Planning, Houston Chapter
Key Points

The goal of the East Aldine Livable Centers Plan was to assist the East Aldine Management District in harnessing existing community strengths and assets to identify community-led growth and investment opportunities while addressing current and pressing community needs.

Bilingual Engagement

All external project communications, community outreach, and engagement–including public meetings– was bilingual in Spanish and English to ensure that East Adine’s large Spanish-speaking population was centered and included in the process.

Local Entrepreneurship

Developing a central marketplace to uplift and support East Aldine’s small businesses, supported with mobility and placemaking enhancements as well as branding and marketing, was a key recommendation.


Asakura Robinson worked closely with implementation partners to develop a detailed implementation plan that includes project prioritization and phasing, estimated cost, action steps, and responsibilities.

East Aldine Livable Center Study

East Aldine is a majority Latino community in the Houston area with strong cultural and community ties and an entrepreneurial spirit. The community faces challenges including recurrent flood risk, barriers to economic opportunity, poor health outcomes, and a lack of connectivity within and outside the district. During the Livable Center Study process, Asakura Robinson partnered with Tecolotl, a local engagement and language justice consultant, to engage with East Aldine residents and learn about their priorities for the community’s future.

The East Aldine Livable Centers Plan made recommendations under three guiding concepts.

Healthy and Thriving focused on supporting the people and culture of East Aldine, and included recommendations for supporting entrepreneurs and small business owners, access to healthcare, and uplifting arts in the community. Recommendations included a catalytic marketplace highlighting local food and craft entrepreneurs and a district-wide placemaking and branding strategy.

Resilient and Safe focused on ensuring safe and stable housing in the context of a flood-prone area as well as creating physical and social infrastructure to enhance disaster resilience. Recommendations included support for home repairs, building housing to meet community needs outside flood zones, and disaster preparedness programming and communication chains.

Connected and Complete focused on implementing past plans related to mobility and connectivity, while enhancing multimodal connections and access to key destinations within and outside East Aldine. Recommendations included reconstructions of key corridors for improved safety and access, improving connections between parks and green spaces, and expanding access to opportunity via enhanced regional transit networks.

The project culminated in a detailed implementation matrix containing guidance on prioritizations and phasing, funding, partnerships, and estimated cost.

Read the final plan here 

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