Heritage Hall

September 2018   Killeen, TX


  • Texas A&M University - Central Texas


  • Lord, Aeck, Sargent
  • Harrison Kornberg Architects
  • JQ Engineering
Key Points

Heritage Hall stands as the third structure on the TAMUCT campus, designed to accommodate various programs in alignment with the university's masterplan objectives.


The design encourages engagement and interaction among students, faculty, and the surrounding environment, creating a dynamic learning experience.


This site presents eco-friendly landscaping and LEED Silver Certification efforts, promoting responsible resource use and long-term ecological harmony with Mason Creek.

In collaboration with Lord Aeck Sargent and Harrison Kornberg Architects, Asakura Robinson designed an entry plaza and outdoor amphitheater for the 71,221 SF building that creates a welcoming outdoor learning environment. These spaces extend the building’s interior, serving as a vibrant extension for students to engage and learn. The 200-person amphitheater, nestled into the hillside with substantial limestone block facings, offers a versatile platform for faculty-led classes and events, fostering interactive learning experiences. Equipped with WiFi and A/V connections, this outdoor setting encourages flexible use, enabling technology-enhanced education. Beyond aesthetics, this outdoor environment promotes socialization, active learning, and a sense of community, contributing to a holistic and dynamic educational atmosphere.

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