Urban Prairie and Reed Park Resiliency Project

December 2023   Houston, TX


  • New Hope Housing


  • GSMA
  • AGCM



  • 2023 Award / Project Under$500k, H-GAC Parks and Natural Areas Awards
Key Points

This visionary prairie initiative boasts native Texas wildflowers, fruit trees, and sustainable design principles, creating a vibrant haven for nature and the community.


Strengthening community through adaptive strategies, the project ensures sustained health, housing, and environmental integration.


This project incorporates eco-friendly practices, promotes longevity, and mitigates environmental impact in Houston's landscape revitalization.

In a transformative collaboration with New Hope Housing Reed and Star of Hope’s Cornerstone Community Campus, Houston unveils the Urban Prairie and Reed Park Resiliency Project, reshaping a 5-acre site into a nature sanctuary.

Beyond aesthetics, the project strategically tackles flood mitigation, water capture, and the establishment of a green corridor for at-risk communities. With features like vegetable gardens, butterfly spaces, and earthworm farming, the site forms a dynamic ecosystem within the urban landscape.

The various plant life attracts species like the Painted Bunting and Eastern Meadowlark, supporting a bird-friendly habitat. Native prairie restoration introduces essential plants like Bluestem grasses, Indian Blanket, and Texas Coneflower, fostering biodiversity.

Benefits include the restoration of the prairie ecosystem, creation of a green corridor, flood mitigation, and successful public-private partnerships. Located in the Sunnyside neighborhood, the project offers nature-based opportunities for visitors.

Supported by a grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation in collaboration with Wells Fargo, this project underscores Houston’s commitment to resilient, community-driven initiatives.

“The result (is) a more resilient campus that provides health and financial services to a vulnerable population, affordable housing, and integrates the value of natural habitat to create a stronger, healthier, and more resilient community.”

Mayor Sylvester Turner

West Houston Expansion October 2022   Katy, TX