Lynn Wyatt Square for the Performing Arts Renovation

Houston, TX


  • Houston First Corporation


  • Rios
  • HarrisonKornberg Architects
  • Henderson Rogers
  • Gradient Group
  • E&C Engineering



  • 2021 AIA Houston Design Award Urban Design
Key Points

This inviting green oasis enhances downtown life and accommodates a wide range of outdoor performances and special events that serve the entire community and region.

Urban Choreography

Urban life is shaped by the flow of public spaces, and the project sets the stage that is Lynn Wyatt Square and fills it with these ebbs and flows. The project is inspired by the movement of people and places around the plaza, and it encourages daily rhythms such as walking, talking, playing, singing, and dancing.

Arts and Creative Placemaking

Located in the Theater District of Downtown Houston, the plaza is surrounded by dance, music, and theater. Its location and public nature makes it an ideal location for creative placemaking in partnership with the surrounding institutions and Houstonians.

Urban Oasis

The plaza is an urban oasis full of seasonal plants and other greenery that frame active programming and serve as the connective tissue between urban life and the performing arts. Theatergoers will be invited to take a break from urban life through the natural elements of Lynn Wyatt Square.

Asakura Robinson, in collaboration with RIOS and HarrisonKornberg Architects, played a pivotal role in the transformation of Lynn Wyatt Square, situated at the heart of Downtown’s Theater District renaissance. Fusing urban life with green spaces and artistic flair, our planting and irrigation plan – brimming with seasonal plants – serves as the connective tissue between the bustling city life and the world of performing arts.

This reimagined plaza, once secluded, now stands as an inviting gateway, open and airy, seamlessly connecting to nearby artistic institutions. It beckons people to engage in Houston’s rich performing arts heritage, embracing both planned performances and spontaneous acts. Lynn Wyatt Square, nestled in Houston’s Theater District, is not merely a revamped plaza; it’s a choreographed oasis.

As part of Houston First Corporation’s vision to establish the city as a global hub for arts and culture, this 1.5-acre project redefines urban green space. A rejuvenated haven, it offers moments of respite for pedestrians and office regulars, hosts live performances and community events, and acts as a vibrant ‘center stage’ for neighboring theaters. The design, inspired by the dance of Urban Choreography, features graceful curves echoing the performing arts, with five unique pockets of greenery, gardens, an event lawn, water features, and open-air spaces for artistic expression. Lynn Wyatt Square brings to life the vision of a dynamic landscape, seamlessly blending urban vibrancy with the performing arts.


All images credited to c Pavel Bendov / ArchExplorer

The Architect’s Newspaper article here: Lynn Wyatt Square becomes the new front yard of Houston’s Theater District (

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