Precinct 2 Parks and Trails Master Plan

October 2021   Houston, TX


  • Precinct 2
  • Harris County Engineering


  • Traffic Engineers, Inc.
  • Working Partner
  • Tecolotl



  • 2022 Honor Award, American Society of Landscape Architects, Texas Chapter
  • 2023 Special Recognition, Houston-Galveston Area Council Parks and Natural Areas Awards
Key Points

A parks and trails plan that seeks to bring the highest standards of design at various scales across a geographically and demographically diverse area.

Deep Engagement

Asakura Robinson, with Tecolotl and Working Partner, engaged community stakeholders to gain an understanding of a diverse set of user groups, including immigrants, people with disabilities, the LGBTQ+ communities, advocates of health equity, and many others.

Equitable Investment of Resources

Priority areas for short-term investments were identified using four key indices: socioeconomic vulnerability; community health; environmental vulnerability; and park need. The resulting suitability analysis is meant to facilitate a more equitable distribution of resources for parks and trails.

Incorporation of Best Practices

The design team created a standalone Design Guidelines Toolkit to serve as a guide for future expansions, renovations, and new park development. The guidelines incorporate best practices from around the country with four major themes in mind: community-focused; resilient and vibrant; cohesive and comfortable; and active.

Asakura Robinson teamed with Tecolotl, Working Partner, and Traffic Engineers, Inc. to provide an analysis of the parks and trails in Precinct 2 and provided recommendations towards the future of the open spaces in the precinct. The planning process involved a Task Force of stakeholders, Community Planners, or resident leaders committed to increasing awareness through the plan, and engagement opportunities held in both English and Spanish.

The Precinct 2 Parks and Trails Plan outlines how parks, trails, and open spaces can best serve the communities of Precinct 2; examine existing parks and trails; make recommendations for new and improved facilities; and develop clear goals and objectives for the future of parks and trails in Precinct 2.

In order to provide a comprehensive set of recommendations, Asakura Robinson conducted a suitability analysis that takes into account socioeconomic vulnerability, community health, environmental vulnerability, and park need. The analysis identified high-priority areas and parks that will be the focal point of detailed recommendations.

Asakura Robinson also conducted in-person assessments of all parks and trails operated by the Precinct 2 Parks and Recreation Department and framing design, programming, and policy recommendations based on goals and objectives formed by members of the communities.

View the final plan here

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