Public Works & Engineering NE Quadrant Facility

October 2022   Houston, TX


  • City of Houston


  • RDLR
  • Lockwood, Andrews & Newman
  • CSF Consulting
  • PGA Engineers
Key Points

Asakura Robinson collaborated with Houston Public Works on a diverse landscape design for a vital 33,500 sf facility, emphasizing aesthetics and ecology within budget constraints.


Visitors can engage in various interactions, not only inside but also within the thoughtfully designed outdoor communal spaces.


The design team prioritized achieving all water and storm LEED credits to demonstrate responsible development through this design.

Houston Public Works, the nation’s largest and most diverse public works organization, oversees vital functions like streets, drainage, water distribution, and wastewater treatment. Collaborating with the city and RDLR Architects, Asakura Robinson was the landscape architect of record of the newly designed 33,500 sf Public Works and Engineering (PWE) Facility, which primarily serves as a staging area for northeast quadrant utility workers and accommodates administrative functions for the Water, Wastewater, and Restoration divisions. The design encourages collaboration with various meeting spaces and indoor-outdoor break areas.

The landscape design was multifaceted and rooted in the artistry of landscape architecture. Our foremost aim was to elevate the quality of outdoor experiences for users. This endeavor, however, needed to harmonize seamlessly with the project’s budgetary constraints, challenging us to find creative solutions that marry aesthetics with economy. We identified stormwater retention and tree preservation opportunities. In our pursuit of an ecologically balanced design, we proposed the use of native and adapted plant materials. Our intention was to not only enhance the visual appeal but also to fortify native ecosystems, allowing them to thrive. Finally, we delved into the intricate world of planting and irrigation, providing a spectrum of options that would not only breathe life into the landscape but also ensure its sustained vitality. Our approach was holistic, guided by the ethos of landscape architecture, where beauty and functionality are interwoven seamlessly.

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